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We provide Missouri state inspections. Normally we can do same day service. But, it is always recommended that you call ahead of time to make sure we have time and if not we can make an appointment.


Full range of suspension and brake repair. From a simple brake pad change to a full overhaul of suspension components. We also offer a wide range of parts to choose from.


Ignoring a new noise or warning light on your car/truck can be dangerous. Not only to your pocket book, but potentially your life. That’s why it is extremely important to have a skilled mechanic check it out for you. Tusay’s Garage is happy to help.


Offering a wide range of Maintenance. Oil changes, Spark Plug and Wire change. Belts and Hoses, Connections. Re-Charging of AC. Fluid Flush. Fuel Filters. Air Filters. Etc.

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Total Engine and Fluid delivery systems repair. From radiators, fuel pumps, valve cover gaskets, exhaust, fuel delivery, oil pumps, water pumps, power steering, drive train and much more.


Tusay’s Garage also enjoys doing upgrades and high performance work. We love seeing new projects our customers are passionate about and enjoy installing high performance parts to help build your dream.